New Server Added + NA Server Migrations Complete

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New Server Added + NA Server Migrations Complete

Post by tordana » Wed Nov 04, 2015 2:55 pm


As of now, all NA surf servers have been moved to a new IP address. This move saves us hosting costs and should provide better ping across the board, as well as making our lives behind the scenes much easier when making changes to the servers. As part of the process, we've also added a new server - ReSurfed Intermediate! This server is designed to bridge the difficult gap between easy and advanced and features some of the more difficult Tier 2 and easier Tier 3 maps. All Steam favorites lists should have been updated, but in case yours didn't for some reason, here's the complete list of new IP addresses:

ReSurfed Easy -
ReSurfed Intermediate -
ReSurfed Advanced -
ReSurfed Elite (VIP/Top 50) -
ReHopped (Bhop) -

ReSurfed EU Easy -
ReSurfed EU Intermediate -
ReSurfed EU Advanced -
ReHopped EU (Bhop) -

Sydney (these servers use the ReSurfed timer but are not under my direct management):
Surf Ranked Beginner -
Surf Ranked Advanced -

As we prepared for this move, we've been taking steps to remove cboosting from the servers. If you don't know what cboosting is - don't worry about it, it's a physics glitch that allows for extremely fast times. If you do know what it is - know that it's now officially disallowed. We are about halfway through the process of making it impossible on all old maps and fixing times that used it, and all new maps going forward will have measures to make it impossible. If you discover a cboost location, please report it to an admin and we'll take care of it. Repeated abuse may result in a ban.

A very special thanks to TheDeathly for doing 90% of the work required for this move, to Epi for his continued assistance and hosting the EU locations, and to all the admins that keep things running and players that keep servers populated.

Finally, I'd like to welcome two new admins to the fold - neVets and humps! They'll do their part in continuing to make sure ReSurfed is a great place to play for everyone.

Owner, ReSurfed

P.S. is now a thing. We'll store all SourceTV recordings for 1 week!
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