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Post by ziddia » Thu Feb 15, 2018 6:40 pm

I recompiled CRASHFORT's STA tool for TF2 servers, as it did not function properly as it was. I don't know if this was done before or if it can be made to work in some way without but I couldn't find a functioning copy of it online so I fixed it myself. The plugin is very useful for creating TAS runs on surf/bhop maps, it requires a sourcemod installation (I don't know if that still works locally but you can always install it on a local dedicated server). A description of how the tool works is given at

I think you need to add a bot in order to use the replay function, it definitely works if a bot is in the game when the plugin is loaded, I didn't try having the plugin loaded before adding a bot.


Just replace SourceToolAssist.smx from CRASHFORT's release with the one on my github.

Source code is also on github. What I have uploaded is missing a couple modified include files, I'll upload them at some point too in case anybody wants to re-compile themselves.

It complains a bit about errors in the code, idk if they are present normally or if my modifications caused them, at some point I'll look into it.
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