Remove Force A Nature In Bhop

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Remove Force A Nature In Bhop

Post by unskilled » Thu Nov 03, 2016 7:37 pm

Similarly to the flamethrowers, the FAN is usable in bhop, and you can get a height boost that is unfair on climb maps. This has not been used in a run yet to my knowledge, but it could be.
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Re: Remove Force A Nature In Bhop

Post by Shadow Sheep » Fri Nov 04, 2016 5:01 pm

Code: Select all

//The Force-a-Nature
			"1"				"44;0"	// remove the knockback property
			"2"				"6;0.5"
			"3"				"45;1.2"
			"4"				"1;0.9"
			"5"				"3;0.34"
			"6"				"43;1"
			"7"				"328;1"
That script in my plugin that currently allows everyone to play all classes/all weapons/same speed is supposed to take care of the knockback of the force a nature.

Are you suspecting that weapon to launch people/you around or have you seen it in action being exploitable? Because thats indeed a big problem if it is...

Edit: The force a nature is nerfed properly on EU, but not on US for some reason. I told Ziddia about it and hopefully he manages to fix that soon.
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