Resurfed Competition

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Resurfed Competition

Post by FlamboyantFaustino » Thu Jun 02, 2016 4:39 pm

Hey Guys, I saw this a while ago: ... ncing_the/ ... rize_pool/

Giving it a read-through, it seems like a really cool idea. I doubt that we as Resurfed have enough resources and time to sponsor a livestream of the top surfers, but having a little competition like this could be pretty fun and attract a lot of new people to the servers (CSS surfers and CS:GO surfers). We could even have a small prize pool or something like that for the top3 or top10 or top completions or something.

Maybe it's possible unlock one of the rarely used Resurfed servers with the same timer on it and wipe all ranks, and leave it up for a month or so for people to play on and get times?

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