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Welcome to the resurfed FAQ, which will hopefully answer all questions and serve as a guide to all resurfed server plugins.
What is skillsurf?
To start, surfing involves using strafe keys and a higher airaccel on servers to move quickly through surf maps. For a comprehensive tutorial on surfing, check out streebee's surf tutorial here. For those that have some experience in combat surf, this is quite different in that there is no fragging involved. The maps in rotation vary in difficulty from tiers 1-6, and record your completion times to be stored in our database and used in our leaderboard.
How do I rank up?
By completing stages, maps, and bonuses on our servers, you gain points based on their difficulty. Additionally, improving your time for specific map ranks will gain extra points (see /mi in game for details). Improving your surf capabilities in order to complete maps more quickly, or complete more difficult maps, will grant points and increase your rank.
What other features are on this server?
• A bunnyhop plugin that allows players to hold their jump key to conserve speed.
• A plugin restricting movespeed on classes so surfing as scout is the same as soldier.
• Weapon restrictions so nobody has to listen to 20 frying pans.

Is surfing in tf2 different from css or csgo?
In essence, no. There are slight discrepancies such as ground acceleration, run speed, and hitboxes, but surfing skill in one game easily transfers to another.
How do I report abuse?
The report function can be used to report players for violating our rules. This can be done on the server through /report, or through a browser by visiting our sourcebans page. Here you will be asked to list the player's information, what they are doing wrong and what server they were on when breaking the rules. There is also an option to submit a demo of the player, which can be recorded with the record command in console or on our STV website which uploads a demo of each map cycle on every server. submitting demos can help the admin team see what the player has been doing.
What are the benefits of donating?
Currently, by donating a minimum of $10, players gain access to our VIP bot, controlled with /replays, and our Elite (rank 50 or better)/VIP server. Additionally, we have a paint and makezone command. +sm_paint allows players to draw client-side beams for surf assistance. /makezone is used to create custom checkpoints for checking route times outside of the maps' existing checkpoints (requires timer OFF). Players can donate additional amounts to set customizable tags and names with sm_settag, sm_setname and sm_setchat.
I have another question not answered by this post!
Please feel free to contact any admin or mod on the servers, create a thread on this forum, or join our discord and post it there for live feedback. All are welcome!


Info Commands
/faq – This command brings you back to this post. Please share with all of your friends.
/surf - Links directly to streebee's surf tutorial.
/new - Shows an alternative chat tutorial.
/rules – Displays server rules through MOTD (if the page doesn't appear, ensure that you have custom MOTD's enabled).
/report – Allows players to directly report disruptive activity on the server. Refer to our rules.
/hop - Choose from a large list of servers to connect to.
/spec (Name) - Spectates a specific person.
/specbot - Spectates the world record bot to show the current best run of the map. Can also be used like /specbot (map/stages/bonuses) to go directly to a specific bot

Visual Commands
/hide - Hides player models.
/hidechat - Hides chat messages.
/hideirc - Hides IRC Messages (IRC is currently disabled)
/skeys - Shows the keyboard inputs of you or the player you're spectating.
/hudconfig - Allows you to modify your timer hud through the developer console.
/options - Allows you to modify other features such as color schemes and sounds.
/speedometer - Changes whether or not you can see the speedometer and what measurement it uses.

List Commands
/maplist - Displays all maps hosted on Resurfed servers.
/mapperlist - Lists users credited for the maps.
/top (Map) - Lists the top times for a specific map.
/topstage or /ts (Map) (#) - Lists the top times for a specific stage.
/topbonus or /tb (Map) (#) - Lists the top times for a specific bonus.
/toptops - Shows the players with the most times in top 10's.
/topwr - Shows who has the most map records.
/topwrcp - Shows who has the most stage records.
/topwrb - Shows who has the most bonus records.
/surftop or /st - Lists the top surfers on the server.
/rr - Shows the most recent world records set.
/rrs - Shows the most recent stage records set.
/rrb - Shows the most recent bonus records set.

Timer Commands
/p (Name) – Check your (or someone else's) statistics including the number of maps completed, points earned, top times and world records.
/p (@#) - Look up someone's profile by their rank. For instance; if someone is rank 43 you could find them with "/p @43".
/lookup (Name) - Looks up someone's name in the database so you can view their profile while they're offline.
/pr (Name) or (@#) – See personal best map times, including individual stage times and bonus times. Filter by name or by map rank, ex: "/pr user" or "/pr @43".
/cpr (@# ) - See personal map time compared to current map world record.
/restart or /r – Restart your run from the beginning of the map. Useful to bind to a key as sm_r, ex: "bind f sm_r" in console.
/teleport or /tele – Return to the start of your current stage. In the case of linear maps, return to the beginning. "bind f sm_teleport".
/stage or /s (#) - Teleports you to selected stage for practice. Completion of all stages in order is required to receive a map completion.
/bonus or /b (#) - Teleports you to selected bonus.
/goback or /gb - Teleports you back one stage.
/timer – Toggles timer on/off to allow use for other commands.
/fly – With your timer disabled, gives noclip so you can fly around.
/saveloc or /sl – Saves your current position and velocity (sm_saveloc). Useful for practicing difficult maps/sections.
/tl # - Loads previously saved or numbered saveloc when timer is disabled.
/makezone - (VIP only) creates two custom zones to test strats in specific places. (Not really up on any servers besides the VIP server)

Map Commands
/mi (Map) – Shows information for the current or selected map, such as tier and number of stages.
/rtv – Call for a vote to change the current map.
/nominate (Map) – nominate a map to show up in the next vote. If no map is specified, a list of maps to chose from will appear.
/ve – Vote to extend the current map.
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